The Everwilling Group recognises that a safe working environment is fundamental to not only our employees but also to our overall success. Our commitment to work health is driven by senior management and backed by two full-time, highly qualified and experienced employees dedicated to the management of work health and safety.


The Everwilling Group is committed to actively identifying, assessing, controlling and reviewing risks associated with our work practices and we have a comprehensive Work, Health, Safety and Injury Management System in place.


All our cranes and equipment are subjected to rigorous independent inspection, testing and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.


Our employees hold current OHS Construction Induction Training Certificates and are highly skilled, licensed personnel who undertake a comprehensive induction program prior to the commencement of employment with the Everwilling Group.


We continually strive for improvement in the management of work health and safety through regular and meaningful consultation with our employees, regular onsite random inspections as well as regular review and assessment of our systems.